Andante Yellow Mustard Seeds

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This Andante Yellow Mustard Seeds come from the Axten family farm in western Canada. The mustard is intercropped with maple peas, which use the mustard plants as a natural trellis while providing the nitrogen they need. These are powerful seeds, sweet and sharp, perfect for pickling, pan sauces, blooming in oil and adding a punch to everything you cook.

Origin: Saskatchewan, Canada
Process: Sun-dried
Ingredients: 100% yellow mustard seeds, Andante variety (Brassica alba)
Tasting notes: Honey • Wasabi • Powerful Bite


Perfect for homemade mustard with a sharp bite
Throw a handful in a jar with your pickling mix
Bloom in oil and use to finish lentil, potato, or other veggie dishes
Pairs well with: Ea Sar Black Pepper, Turkish Oregano Buds, Sun-dried Tomato Powder


Axten Farms is a multigenerational farm with roots going back to 1916 based in Saskatchewan, Canada.

The mustard plant grows a few feet off the ground, with bright yellow flowers that turn into long, narrow pods reminiscent of pea pods, which are full of the spicy yellow seeds.

Mustard is a member of the Brassica family, which includes broccoli, cauliflower and kale. It's an excellent cover crop, which helps with pest management and acts as a natural fumigant.

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