Baby's Bib - Green Cars

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Velcro closure. Recycled flour sack backing. 100% organic cotton.


This product was hand made in Batiking & Sewing Center (Cape Coast)

Juliana Mustafa, a Global Mama since 2005

Juliana Mustafa is a talented artisan who has established herself as one of Global Mamas finest Cape Coast batikers, but she proudly explains that she is a “mother first and a batiker second.” While her family is most important to her, Juliana is also a successful businesswoman, grateful to Global Mamas for their help, growing her business. “They have organized training and health care programs for us.” She says, “They pay for bulk orders completely, which has helped me buy a car.” However, Juliana nearly always speaks of batiking and business in the context of how it has helped her family, “I am proud of being able to send my children and 5 year old niece to school.  I am able to meet all my children's needs.”


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