Grey Fairy House Pet Cave

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Every pet dreams of a soft, comfortable place to hide, play and sleep. Humans love them because they are beautiful, but animals love them for the lanolin, which reminds them of the scent of their mothers. The natural oil also helps to keep paws and fur healthy and supple. Lanolin is also the secret ingredient in our handknotted wool rugs that make them spill-resistant and long lasting!

Who Made It: These wool pet beds were originally designed in 2013 and are the first wool pet caves ever created and made in Nepal! Dharma Dog Karma Cat is the largest producer of pet beds in Nepal. Dharma Dog Karma Cat are members of the fair trade federation and pet sustainability coalition, and they complete a thorough vetting of their labor and environmental practices every year.

The blend of Himalayan and New Zealand wools is rich in lanolin, which naturally attracts pets and is good for their health. Lanolin conditions paws and helps to keep fur healthy and shiny.

These pet beds are harmless for the planet and sustainable production minimizes their impact on the environment.

Materials: Wool

Care Instructions: Vacuum, spot clean. Can be machine washed on delicate but do not put in dryer. Check out this video for a quick guide on how to clean your pet bed 

Handcrafted in Nepal

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