Life is What You Bake It Cookbook

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Calling all bakers! Check out Vallery Lomas's debut cookbook, Life Is What You Bake It + Spice Set, featuring a signed cookbook and Vallery's pantry essentials.

Vallery Lomas is a baker, writer and recipe developer whose recipes are featured in The New York Times and on the Food Network. She is a former lawyer turned baker, and in 2017 she won "The Great American Baking Show." She was a guest on Why Food?, a podcast that Ethan hosted on the Heritage Radio Network, and shortly after that, she started co-hosting the show with him.

Her debut book, Life Is What You Bake It, makes baking accessible to everyone, including the novice baker, and the 100+ sweet and savory recipes are so descriptive that she even makes homemade donuts feel approachable!

More than just a collection of delicious recipes, this book is a deeply personal and draws on family history, life changes, triumph and disappointment. She includes heirloom recipes from her family in Louisiana, teaches us how to make the recipes that grounded her as she transitioned from lawyer to full-time baker, and shares the pastries that helped her cope with disappointment when the season she won of "The Great American Baking Show" was unceremoniously canceled. Together, the stories and the recipes paint a picture of resiliency, passion and outstanding baked goods.


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