Lion Infant Zooties | 0-12mths

Article number: Made in Kyrgyzstan
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Zooties inspire the imagination, connect us with our world, and take us on adventures to far away lands.

Each pair of zooties is hand cut, dyed and sewn by talented women in Kyrgyzstan. They are super soft and don’t have buttons, snaps or velcro to keep them extra comfortable. Not only that, they are completely adorable!

Who Made It: Silk Road Bazaar sells goods produced by marginalized artist groups located in Central Asia. They connect with artists who have limited market access and have carried on traditional craft culture. The materials they use are locally-sourced to help provide sustainable livelihoods for rural farmers and craftsmen. 

Materials: Wool

Size: For 0-12 months

Handcrafted in Kyrgyzstan

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