Mangowood Four-in-a-Row Game

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Unique wooden Four-in-a-Row game for two players handcrafted with two-tone, sustainably harvested mango wood. The game board and game pieces are expertly hand carved from sustainable mango wood with a smooth, refined finish. The game set includes one pegged playing board and 48 wooden beads which serve as the game pieces, including 24 light wood beads and 24 dark wood beads.

Who Made It: Matr Boomie works with artisans to increase accessibility and sustainable employment in India. They partner with over 1,500 artisans in marginalized communities. This item was hand carved in north central India using hand tools to skillfully carve the intricate designs. This art form requires mastery, passed on thru generations to create the final polished finish.

Materials: Sustainably harvested mango wood.

Dimensions: The beads are 0.6" wide with a 0.4" hole.

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