Blue Striped Easter Egg

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When you want to give a gift that lasts long after the candy has been eaten, choose Pebble Easter Eggs. Crocheted with buttery soft cotton yarn, these eggs are similar in size to actual eggs. Two will fit nicely into Pebble’s Chick Basket.

Who Made It: Pebble started in 2004 by teaching a dozen women how to knit and crochet in Bangladesh with the hopes of producing products that could be sold on the international market. Today, Pebble provides jobs to more than 12,000 women in over 120 rural centers. The artisans are able to walk to work and take their little ones with them. Most of the centers have a nursery and/or preschool which allows the mothers to no longer leave their children with grandparents and migrate to cities in search of employment. Artisans are paid a living wage which impacts their communities as women are given a voice in their communities. 

Materials: Hand-knit with 100% cotton yarn and a poly fill

Dimensions: 3″ x 2″ x 2″

Care Instructions: Machine washable! For best results, place your Pebble toy in mesh bag and launder with cool water and non-toxic detergent. Fluff in dryer for a few minutes and then air dry. 

Handcrafted in Bangladesh

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