Colorinche Llamacorn - Softy Pastel

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Introducing the whimsical Rainbow Llamacorn, a delightful fusion of unicorn and llama traits. Crafted by skilled Peruvian artisans, these enchanting toys are crafted using recycled Alpaca fur, ensuring eco-friendliness at its finest. The fur, dyed in a vibrant array of colors from bold to pastel, creates a mesmerizing rainbow effect that captivates and enchants.

Each toy's eyes are intricately embroidered with cotton thread, providing both safety and durability, especially for young children prone to putting toys in their mouths. Beyond practicality, these embroidered eyes add a touch of personality and expression to the charming llamacorn.

The Rainbow Llamacorn serves as a symbol of Peru's rich cultural heritage and natural diversity, celebrating the country's colorful traditions and the marvels of nature.

Who Made It: Blossom Inspirations works directly with Peruvian and Mexican artisans, knowing them by name and visiting them at their homes and workshops. Founded in 2009 on the idea of benefiting mutually everyone involved in the production and sale of their eco-friendly, fair trade products. 1% of Blossom Inspirations annual sales go to reforestation of the Peruvian artisans through a NGO.

Materials: recycled alpaca fur

Handcrafted in Peru

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