Organic Cotton Animal Finger Puppets - Assorted

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Whether you want to tell a story, give a cute gift or entertain your kids while waiting in line somewhere, these finger puppets will do the trick! These vibrant little guys are carefully hand-knitted by skillful women knitters in the highlands of Peru using eco-friendly 100% organic cotton. Recommended for children ages 3+.

Each fair trade organic cotton finger puppet keeps 1/2 square foot of land free of toxic chemicals!

Who Made It: Our naturally dyed fibers help preserve traditional knowledge and each earth friendly, organic cotton and hand-knitted puppet helps empower women while supporting sustainable agriculture in Peru. Your purchase makes a difference to them.

Near Lake Titicaca at 12,500 feet above sea level, moms have been knitting clothing and whimsical animal toys for their kids since long ago. Over time finger puppets became a natural and important part of life for many women in the area.

Knitting puppets provides supplemental income providing women with a stronger voice within their
household and community. Their lives revolve around their elders, so when potatoes, quinoa, amaranth, or barley are planted or harvested, knitters may not make as many puppets. Otherwise knitting allows them to work from home while watching their children and caring for their llamas, sheep or alpacas.

They also love to dance, and in February the entire community dedicates itself to "La Virgen de la Candelaria”, one of the biggest religious celebrations in South America. Amazingly, even in their tough environment, their cheerful spirit shows in the quality, detail and creativity they knit into each puppet.

Materials: Organic Cotton

Handcrafted in Peru

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