Kashmiri Masala

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This aromatic masala gives beans, vegetables, lamb, chicken, and stewed potatoes new life. Cook with yogurt to meld the flavors together.

Ingredients: Kashmiri chili, coriander, ginger, fennel, cinnamon, turmeric, cinnamon leaf, black cardamom, yellow cardamom, mace, cloves

Tasting notes: Fennel, Ginger, Aromatic


More Bout Chef Floyd

Get to know the incredible spice blends that Burlap & Barrel developed in collaboration with Floyd Cardoz, a celebrated Indian-born American chef, and his family. Chef Floyd was beloved for the warmth and spice he infused into ingredients and the genuine care and compassion he bestowed on his staff and guests alike. In his 30-year career, he led restaurants in the United States and India, penned two cookbooks, won a national television cooking competition, and contributed his time and talent to countless charitable organizations. He passed away in March 2020.

The FC + B & B collaboration masalas were conceived in 2019 by Chef Floyd Cardoz. B & B are proud to release them with his wife and business partner, Barkha, as a memorial to his love for the cuisines of India and his passion for sharing them with the world.

In 2020, B & B launched the first three masalas: Goan Masala, which captured the flavors of his family's homeland; Kashmiri Masala, from his travels as a young cook; and Garam Masala, the cornerstone of his spice cupboard. In 2021, B & B continued that legacy with three more masalas: Green Tikka Masala, an adaptation of an iconic dish from his restaurant Tabla; Vindaloo Masala, Floyd's mother's recipe for the classic Goan stew; and Chaat Masala, an "everything" seasoning that he loved to sprinkle on...pretty much everything.

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