Parrot Macaw Flying Bird Mobile

Article number: Made in Colombia
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This colorful Macaw brightens up any corner of the room!

These mobiles are perfectly balanced for the most graceful movement. Just pull and release the bottom string and watch them fly. They look awesome hanging in any room in your home, the porch or sunroom.

Who Made It: Tulia’s Artisan Gallery is a Chicago-based woman-owned business with a mission to showcase high quality Colombian craftsmanship by collaborating with master artisans who preserve & strengthen the diverse cultures of Colombia. Tulia’s Artisan Gallery uses fair trade principles while collaborating with artisan partners, most of whom are indigenous or Afro-Colombians. A portion of each sale is given back to indigenous led projects throughout Colombia.  

Materials: Medium-density fiberboard, hand-painted, and decorated with dyed tagua nuts

Dimensions: 22” wingspan

Handcrafted in Colombia

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